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Headlight Restoration


Have you noticed that it’s harder to see the road at night?  Your vehicle’s headlights may be the culprit. Plastic headlight lenses become faded, yellowed and hazy over time, resulting in diminished headlight output and reduced visibility during night time driving.  TJ's now offers a quick, convenient and inexpensive solution.

Our Headlight Restoration service greatly increases headlight output and visibility and improves vehicle appearance. Best of all, our service takes less than 20 minutes per light and costs a lot less than replacing the complete headlight housing, which runs $150 – $600 per headlight.

Service Includes:

  • Carefully mask off area around lens to protect paint

  • Clean surface of headlight

  • Use 3M 3-step  professional headlight restoration kit

  • Use 3M Plastic cleaner to clean headlight

  • Use 3M Plastic Polish to brighten headlight

  • Clean area

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