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Battery Replacement

You won’t get too far without a good battery, which provides power to your vehicle’s starter and ignition system, among other things.


That’s why TJ's Lube Stop's full service oil change includes a complimentary battery test. TJ's technician will perform a complimentary conductance test on your battery and provide you with an informative readout that shows the current charge, cold cranking amps on your battery, and alerts you if there is a concern about your battery life. We’ll also inform you about the condition of your battery terminals.

TJ's Lube Stop features high quality NAPA Batteries.


Service Includes:

  • Removing the old battery

  • Cleaning debris from the battery holder

  • Installing new battery

  • Properly tightening cables and hold-down clamps to ensure battery will not move

  • Treating battery terminals to help prevent corrosion.

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